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This is my wonderful cousin.

Couple in green


Ronja Røverdatter

Three wishes for Cinderella/ Tre nøtter til Askepott

This is Cinderella and her horse from one of my favorite Christmas films! <3

christmas card 2020

Painting of my nephew

Painting of my friend Jonas

Painting of my friend Stian


This was a commission I got from a family friend, who wanted me to paint his daughter and her horse, Mud.

Beauty and the beast -Klimt style

I’ve always been a fan of beauty and the beast, and my mum loves Gustav Klimt, so I just had to combine the two.


My friend and colleague, Robin, modeled for me after work one day and I decided to paint him. I love the style of Valeria Duca’s painting which I…

Soap bubbles

Hello newborn!

Confirmation card


This summer a colleague of mine was in a tragic, and fatal, diving accident. He will be missed. He was a wonderful teacher and a great person! We…

Fisherman Ingar



Family tree


Portrait of a young boy


This is the child of a colleague. 

Christmas card 2019

happy sheep

I recently bought an Ipad, and this is my first finished illustration using the program Procreate for the first time.         

Party animal

  I started this illustration a long time ago, but never finished. I wanted it to have that summer festival vibe.   

Beauty and the beast

I have always loved this story. The beauty and the beast exist in many different versions, and I am fascinated by them all. I loved the Disney movie…

Portrait of Lisa Aisato

  This is a portrait I did for an illustration group I joined on Facebook. We had to illustrate an artist. It could be anyone. I chose a…

Bird lady

I drew the image above in my own style.

Sammy couldn’t wait for a snow day!

This is an illustration I made for a Facebook group I joined a short while ago. It is a group where Illustrators can chat and share their work….

December baby

I drew this image as soon as my nephew was born. He came in December so having him hanging in a stocking was a fitting image. The text…

Get well soon

I drew this picture after I got a word prompt by someone I follow on Instagram. The word was tea, as I am sure you could guess.


I drew these pictures after I got a word prompt by someone I follow on Instagram. The word was tea, as I am sure you could guess.

Alphabet poster

My sister had a baby in December and I have been planning this poster ever since she got pregnant. She told me she wanted something for the baby…

Autumn dog

This is an illustration I did for an invitation to an autumn party at work.

wedding card

My best friend got married this weekend and I had to give him a homemade card with an illustration of the lovely couple on the front. I drew…

pool party

My cousin is celebrating her birthday at a swimming pool this year and wanted me to make her invitations for the party.


Otter family

I am now that age where babies start popping out everywhere. I realized that I needed a congratulating card to give on such occasions.

Bear and squirrel

I made this illustration for my father’s birthday card this summer. He had a close encounter with a squirrel in a park in Warsaw some years ago, and…

Christmas cards 2017


roller skating animals

Rolling to the party!

Birthday card for Maya 🙂

Panther party – birthday card

This is a birthday card for a father and a son.


This is a birthday card I made for my sisters birthday. Her nickname is Ping so I decided to make a penguin card.

Birthday card for Vidar

This is a custom made birthday card for my friend Vidar ? I asked him to tell me what his favourite animal and his favourite colour is. It…

New digital version of an old illustration

This is an earlier project that I never finished because the manuscript had to be rewritten and shortened. I had to take a break in sketching since I…

Giraffe Love

A friend of mine wanted me to make an image for her friend’s wedding. I also know the bride and I know she likes my giraffes, so I…