Mia Nerdrum

Through my paintings, I explore themes of beauty, freedom and self-expression. I paint colorful portraits where I often zoom in close on faces and create movement with a double exposure effect. I like painting faces and hands. That’s where I find most feelings and stories to express.


Please contact me if you’ll like one of my original paintings or you want to order a custom piece. 

I find a painting to be more complex when there are more faces I have to paint. Especially when I have to get a likeness to the person I am painting.

In my illustrations I´m mostly making playful, cute animal characters for birthday cards. I draw directly on a pad, so for the most part all my recent illustrations have been made completely digital. I want to keep exploring different types of styles and themes digitally so I can expand beyond my cute animals. Not that there is anything wrong with cute animals. I have a dream that I someday get to publish my own children’s book, which will be filled with cute animals! 

Please check out some of my cute animals in my shop!

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