self_portraitHi! My name is Mia Nerdrum, and I’m a Norwegian artist. I also work full time as an art teacher at the moment. 

My formal education includes:

Bachelor in teacher training in art and design at Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway
Illustration at Swansea Metropolitan University, Wales

Welcome to my website

Here you can see some of my work and sometimes read a bit about the process or the idea bind it. If you want to see the most recent work and sketches you have to look at my toktok or Instagram account. In my shop I sell some original paintings as well as prints of my work.

About my cards:

All my cards are handmade. I drew them by hand and colored them digitally. I also print, cut and package the cards myself. Each card comes in a plastic sleeve with an envelope (size 16×11,5cm).

About my posters:

Most of my posters are unsigned and unnumbered A3 prints. That is because they were only meant to be cards when I made them, and therefore I cannot print them any bigger. Some of my posters will be limited editions and I will therefore sign and number them. I will write this in the description of the poster. The Alphabet poster is a lot bigger than the rest of the posters, 50x70cm.

If you are looking for my art printed on other products you can find them in my society6 page. Society6 gives me a small profit whenever you buy something. Please buy prints and card directly from me so that I get all the proceeds.

Perhaps you are wondering if you can get a tatoo of my work
Yes! Totally honored you’d want my work on you. BUT, please read these requests:

  1. If the tattoo artist posts the picture to social media, can you ask that they tag me as the original artist as to not mislead their following into thinking they’re the original artist?
  2. Lastly… I would LOVE to see a picture of it! Tag me on instagram, direct message me, or email me a picture. I’m always in awe when I see my work on someone’s body.


  • Illustration in the newspaper Oppland Arbeiderblad, number 229, 10/03/2015
  • Illustration in the magazine Utdanning, number 4, 02/20/2015
  • Illustration in the magazine Gullfiskeren, number 4, 2014
  • Illustration in the magazine Ottar, 2014
  • Illustration in the magazine Utdanning, number 14, 09/09/2011
  • Third place in a photography competition (on illustrating epilepsy) for the Norwegian epilepsy association, 09/26/2012 (Source)