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Radagast Julekort

Årets julekort (2023) er inspirert av Tolkiens verden. Her har jeg tegnet Radagast og hans superraske Rhosgobel Rabbit. Radagast er en av trollmennene og han er en god…

Little bear cub

Denne lille gutten er jeg tante til. Han ble født 7.september 2023. Velkommen til familien <3

Otto og Meeko

Her har jeg malt de to hundene Otto og Meeko. Otto er en Soft coated wheaten terrier og Meeko er en Welsh terrier. Dette kortet ligger ute på…

I en sofa

Jeg var på venninnetur til Kragerø og hadde glemt å ta med meg bok på turen. De andre satt å leste imens jeg tegnet dem (i mangel på…

Giraffes in love

This is a drawing I originally made for my pupils. I had a plan to blow it up big and have my pupils color a part of the…

M card

This card is dedicated to all the lovely people with names starting with M! To my mum Maria, my best friends wife Maria, to Maren, Maya, Max, Marianne,…

ninja turtles woodpecker logo design

Marcs brewery

This year I wanted to collaborate with Marc who brews beer and make homemade Christmas gifts! So that’s what we did! He made four different kinds of beer…


🇬🇧Here is a beer label I was commissioned to make for a 30th birthday. I used pictures of the jubilant as well as improvising a bit. I drew…

Mouse house

Here is this year’s (2022) Christmas card! Finished in time for Christmas 🎄The card is out for sale in my shop. As some of you may know, I…


This is an illustration I’ve been working on this summer. Mice is an animal I’ve sort of had a connection to for a long time. My father’s nickname…

Welsh terrier

The inspiration for this card is definitely the welsh terrier Meeko! He is my boyfriend’s sister´s dog. 

Under water

I had trouble which of these designs I liked best. The one with eyes closed or the one with them open? This image was inspired by all the…

Summer lovin’

This illustration started with some animals that my pupils chose for me. I started looking at pictures of a wolf and soon found out I wanted them to…

The eleven forest

This is another collaboration with my cousin. She started this time, with a face in a window. I Drew a mushroom house around it and it became more…

The rooster warriors

This is a collaboration illustration I made with my cousin. It started with just one rooster that I drew on my Ipad. I sent it to Selma who…


This was a surprise gift for someone who got a trip to Iceland. I am going there too! I’ve never been and I am very much looking forward…

Harry Potter inspired Christmas illustration

Winter version of bear and squirrel

Confimation card

I made a new confirmation card because i love giraffes so much! Also these hats are really popular now. You can find the card in my shop!

S for super-giraffe

You can find this in my shop, both as a card and a poster in A4 format. It is perfect for a birthday where you know someone with…

A for alpaca

You can find this in my shop, both as a card and a poster in A4 format. It is perfect for a birthday where you know someone with…

Me as a Luca character

I just loved the new Pixar movie Luca! It made me want to travel to Italy again!

Logo for Prinsdal skole

This is the logo I designed for the school i work at. It is largely based on an image that the school already had on a 17th of…

Witch in the forest

This started as a joke by my friend Katarina Storalm. This illustration is sort of a follow up illustration, or a “draw this in your style” illustration.

Fantasy creature

Ronja Røverdatter

Three wishes for Cinderella/ Tre nøtter til Askepott

This is Cinderella and her horse from one of my favorite Christmas films! <3

christmas card 2020

Beauty and the beast -Klimt style

I’ve always been a fan of beauty and the beast, and my mum loves Gustav Klimt, so I just had to combine the two.

Soap bubbles

Hello newborn!

Confirmation card


This summer a colleague of mine was in a tragic, and fatal, diving accident. He will be missed. He was a wonderful teacher and a great person! We…

Family tree

Christmas card 2019

happy sheep

I recently bought an Ipad, and this is my first finished illustration using the program Procreate for the first time.         

Party animal

  I started this illustration a long time ago, but never finished. I wanted it to have that summer festival vibe.   

Beauty and the beast

I have always loved this story. The beauty and the beast exist in many different versions, and I am fascinated by them all. I loved the Disney movie…

Portrait of Lisa Aisato

  This is a portrait I did for an illustration group I joined on Facebook. We had to illustrate an artist. It could be anyone. I chose a…

Bird lady

I drew the image above in my own style.

Sammy couldn’t wait for a snow day!

This is an illustration I made for a Facebook group I joined a short while ago. It is a group where Illustrators can chat and share their work….

December baby

I drew this image as soon as my nephew was born. He came in December so having him hanging in a stocking was a fitting image. The text…

Get well soon

I drew this picture after I got a word prompt by someone I follow on Instagram. The word was tea, as I am sure you could guess.


I drew these pictures after I got a word prompt by someone I follow on Instagram. The word was tea, as I am sure you could guess.

Alphabet poster

My sister had a baby in December and I have been planning this poster ever since she got pregnant. She told me she wanted something for the baby…

Autumn dog

This is an illustration I did for an invitation to an autumn party at work.

wedding card

My best friend got married this weekend and I had to give him a homemade card with an illustration of the lovely couple on the front. I drew…

pool party

My cousin is celebrating her birthday at a swimming pool this year and wanted me to make her invitations for the party.