This summer a colleague of mine was in a tragic, and fatal, diving accident. He will be missed. He was a wonderful teacher and a great person! We all enjoyed his company at work and we feel his absence now. I made this illustration of him shortly after I got the news. I guess it was my way of grieving him. The school I work at is giving a book to his parents, where we write memories and kind words about him. I feel like I can’t express myself that well by writing, so I will stick the illustration in there for them. Here is what I wrote when I posted the picture on social media. I found it online. Unfortunately I don’t know who wrote it, but I thought it fit him. He was so full of life:

That man is a success –

who leaves the world better 

than he found it;

who has never lacked

appreciation of earth’s beauty 

or failed to express it;

who looked for the best in others 

and gave the best he had