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Christmas cards 2017


roller skating animals

Rolling to the party!

Birthday card for Maya ūüôā

Panther party – birthday card

This is a birthday card for a father and a son.


This is a birthday card I made for my sisters birthday. Her nickname is Ping so I decided to make a penguin card.

Birthday card for Vidar

This is a custom made birthday card for my friend Vidar ? I asked him to tell me what his favourite animal and his favourite colour is. It…

New digital version of an old illustration

This is an earlier project that I never finished because the manuscript had to be rewritten and shortened. I had to take a break in sketching since I…

Giraffe Love

A friend of mine wanted me to make an image for her friend‚Äôs wedding. I also know the bride and I know she likes my giraffes, so I…

Eat cake

party giraffe


Letter from your love

Fly fishing brown bear

Maybe the start of a picture book? My newest illustration is of three bears fly-fishing in a stream. I made it just to practice the art of storytelling…

Sound asleep

Stargazing polar bears: process video: Sketches for the Sound Asleep Polar Bears:

Hope you have a Wild party

Merry kisses and warmest wishes

Gingerbread Town

Holly Jolly Christmas

Hurra giraffes

Brand new giraffe card with “HURRA” banner! I drew a custom made banner for my cousin¬†Eli Langeland¬†with her favourite animal and colours. And I liked the image so…


Polar bear with gingerbread house


Christmas cards

  I really enjoy making cards. There is something about finishing a small thing quite quickly and having an actual use for the product. I want to sell…

Welcome to the world little one

I made this illustration/birthday card with a specific family in mind. Their sweet and funny son just got a little sister! In this illustration I wanted to experiment…

Birthday card

  This project started with me wanting to draw a birthday card to my friend the night before her birthday. I wasn‚Äôt happy with it just being a…

Christmas cards

Personal work. I wanted to try some custom made Christmas card for me and my family.¬†Maybe next year I can make a one for you?