This is an earlier project that I never finished because the manuscript had to be rewritten and shortened. I had to take a break in sketching since I didn’t know which characters would still be in the book. I never even finished one illustration. After doing so much digital work lately I decided I would go back and re-do the illustration of the toy-wolf and Jonas in the toy store. Here is the original post from April 2016 with the new digital illustration at the bottom, with a short film to show the progress:

These are sketches and progress shots of a new series of illustrations. I´m scetching and drawing illustrations from a manuscript that might become a children’s book at some point.

First I started to draw out the different characters from the book and draw small thumbnail sketches for the different scenes in the book:

The first image I decided to paint/draw was the scene where one of the lead characters get bought by his boy. The boy, Jonas, cries for several minutes before the mother gives up and buys him the wolf:

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Here is the short film and the new digital illustration: