This is a project I was working on during my illustration course at the university in Wales. We were supposed to choose an album or one song to illustrate. We had to make the folder inside and the CD. I chose to illustrate Daughter with the album “if you leave”.

This is the final inside art (without text) :

cd cover3 WEB

This is a sketch for the inside art:

cd cover WEB

This is the final product:

_DSC0003 WEB _DSC0004 WEB _DSC0007 WEB _DSC0009 WEB


Sketches for this project:

_DSC0003WEB _DSC0008WEB _DSC0011WEB _DSC0012r WEB _DSC0013rWEB _DSC0014rWEB _DSC0015rWEB _DSC0016rWEB _DSC0017rWEB _DSC0019rWEB _DSC0020rWEB _DSC0021rWEB _DSC0024rWEB