This is a painting of my cousin when she was younger, pretending to cry. I’ll explain. When I was a teenager, I was really into photography, and I wanted to enter a photography competition that my dad had told me about. It was for the Norwegian epilepsy assosiation, and they wanted artists to send in photos to show the breadth and individuality of the epilepsy diagnosis, and highlight that epilepsy is far more varied than most people think. I won third place with my picture, where I had photoshopped in double exposure of my cousin Eli pretending to have a fit. We took the competition very serious and had a lot of fun taking pictures. I believe we got to send in a couple of photos for the competition and so we took loads of pictures that day. I also focused on capturing the breadth of a person’s specter of feelings. So, I had my cousin pose different emotions such as sadness. This is a painting based on that picture. I felt she did such a wonderful actin job I feel sorry for her in this picture.

This painting is also one of my very few oil paintings and my very first painting with water soluble oil paint. I felt that it wasn’t too different to normal oil paint, but then gain I don’t have much experience with that either. 

Here is the picture that won third place in the competition.