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school murals

I work as an art teacher at an elementary school and a secondary school. The elementary school is quite old and in need of a renovation. The headmistress…

Black and white mixed media

Personal work

Alma og haren

This is an editorial illustration for a newspaper in Norway.

Skuddene som vekket kongen

These are editorial illustrations for an article my grandfather wrote. Sketches:

Grandpa and the badger

My grandfather was out fishing when he hard something moving behind him. When he turned around he saw a badger sniffing his backpack, looking for food. Grandpa found…


The word “Lesehest” means reading horse in Norwegian. I made this drawing as a sign to put on the door of a library at a primary school. I…

Barna som løp om kapp

These are editorial illustrations for a story my grandfather wrote that came in a local newspaper in Norway.   In the newspaper Thumbnails from my sketchbook.  

Spring tree

I wanted to take the “waking forest” further and make more friends of mine into trees. The waking forest was originally Illustrations for an article called ‘A rural…

Phuong Head

Personal work

Waking forest

Illustrations for an article called ‘A rural idyll` from Vogue interiors about how the nature (and forest in particular) wakes up in spring time (written by Rob Penn)….


Personal work


personal work


    This is a project I was working on during my illustration course at the university in Wales. We were supposed to choose an album or one…